The garden jewel's story


The white-framed large Lucia Pavilion found its way into the garden by Loimijoki after several years of daydreaming, during the ”corona summer” 2020. The family’s youth love spending time in the space as well.


“The sky, the trees in the garden and the darkening night look beautiful through the glazing that offers a view in every direction. Lucia is an ornament in our garden.” 

”I made my first garden design in 2015 where the dream of Lucia ended up on paper. I have had a vision of a summer cottage in my backyard. Actually, a summer cottage has been my dream since childhood, but the juggling act of the peak years of life have slightly dimmed the dream, as one needs to take time to go the cottage. That’s why a space that is very nearby and yet seperate from the home was very tempting”, Anne Paljakka says.

A rock area was built as an environment for Lucia in Paljakka’s yard. In addition, preparations included the laying of an electric cable and the installation of screw piles.

"One of the main selection criteria for us was Finnishness. Also the thought of having the pavilion in our yard fully assembled was appealing. Quality is very important and with this product it convinced me."

Lucia’s interior design was planned long before the product arrived, according to Paljakka. The large table has gathered friends and neighbours around it, there have been parties and meetings in Lucia.

”I am especially glad that the family’s youth spend time with their friends in our glass cube. The sofa bed and refrigerator add to the cottage life and make the space fun for staying overnight as well." 

Lucia Pavilion 20 m², white frame RAL 9010, black roof structure RAL9005, smoky gray roof glazing, bright sliding glazing, black Lunawood thermal wood composite floor and two terrace heaters.