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Lucia Design collections were born out of desire to create new, courage to experiment and passion for glass. Get to know our story and join us. 

Our Story


Savon Lasituote Oy is a family business founded in 2008. Strong expertise and innovative thinking are at the heart of using glass fearlessly.

Lucia Design collection’s first step for unobstructed view to the nature was our four-sided glass Pavilion. Its unique structure and functionality make it stand out. Smart Lucia was invented in sauna – the spring of new life for centuries. The father of Smart Lucia, entrepreneur Kari-Matti Ruhanen got a vision while in sauna, that he would sleep under the sky in a cabin made of glass and could see the winter scenery right before falling asleep and immediately after waking up.

Today, we offer these unique experiential spaces for accommodation and living – unforgettable experiences, togetherness, tranquillity and an always-changing contact to the surrounding nature.

We make your glass dreams come true.

We make your glass dreams come true

Katja Ruhanen
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Kari-Matti Ruhanen
Design & Production
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