Lucia Smart Tech

Lucia Smart Tech

Intelligently equipped experience space for demanding use.

• KNX-system
• Genelec - audio equipment
• Wifi & Bluetooth
• Remote locking
• Integrated interior led lighting

Timeless design
The outer surface of Smart Lucia is made of glass except for the black seams between the glass elements and the black steel strand in the bottom of the element. The look is modern and sleek, which creates an illusion of having no scale. The material choices of interior continue the same timelessness.

Smart glass
Smart Lucia’s key feature is smart glass that heats up when plugged to the power grid. The selective coating of the glass is completely transparent, so the glass has a normal look. The temperature is regulated with a thermostat and the glass heats up only when the temperature drops below the adjusted level. Due to the smart glass you will have a comfortable temperature in every weather, in frost or in shine. The rooftop glasses can be equipped with snow sensors that register the snowfall and activate the heating. This way you can see the northern lights and the stars no matter the weather.

Ready to use
Smart Lucia is installed over pillars or a prefabricated foundation solution. For the priming work we offer a template that helps to put in place the water and drain joints. This way the installation process is straightforward. Just make sure the location can be reached with a crane vehicle.

The maintenance of Smart Lucia is minimal. Owing to easy installation, the space is transferable and can be moved to a different location every season, if wanted. Smart Lucia can be installed anywhere, in a forest, on a lawn or a rock. Your imagination is the limit!

Steel frame, painted with a RAL color
Triple glazing (sun protection, heated walls and roof)
Heated gutters
Bathroom and WC, electronic toilet seat Toto
Entrance space
Floor heating
Flexible Comfort Floor® Marble
Glass door with an electric, remotely controlled lock
WLAN -base station, Wifi, Bluetooth
KNX-system, remote diagnostics and control
Genelec Surround - audio equipment
Flow heater
Air-source heat pump
Interior led lighting integrated to the frame, stepless dimming
Power sockets
Construction drawing


Installation adapter

Safety system and locking
Remote locking and burglar alarm system
Solar electricity

Design and interior decoration
Furnishing packages
Smart bed

Floor options
Laminate / Parquet
Water circulating underfloor heating

Kitchen hood
Dish washer
Different cabinet options for kitchen
Closets 3 x 60 cm

Bathroon and WC
•Electronic toilet seat Toto
•Washing machine joint

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Design & Production
Kari-Matti Ruhanen
+358 40 016 7851

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